Terms And Conditions

My Sanford Chart is a free service for our patients. However, there are some features on the site such as E-tours and video tours that may be charged. It helps you use the Internet safely to manage and receive information about your health and insurance.


Our goal is to respond to electronic communications as quickly as possible. Users should wait at least two business days for a response if employees who need to respond immediately to an electronic request or other communication are unavailable.

Terms And Conditions To Be Followed

Security And Confidentiality: We treat health and insurance information stored on My Sanford Chart with the same level of confidentiality as information stored by Sanford Health My Chart in any other medium. Sanford Health My Chart is committed to protecting the privacy of your health and insurance information.

Third-Party Services: As part of your use of My Sanford Chart, you may choose to utilize other third-party services. Translating, localizing, and other third-party services may be provided as part of these services.

Proxy Access: Children under 12 cannot open a personal account. Listed in the section titled “Proxy Access” in these Terms of Service are the procedures that parents or guardians can follow to request access to their child’s account.

Minority: Those over the age of 18 may request proxy access through My Sanford Chart through the “Proxy Access” section. The right of access by proxy is limited to minors under 18 years of age who have parental authority or legal guardians.

Links To Websites: The Sanford My Chart Health website may contain links to other websites that are not under its control. The Sanford My Chart Health website provides these links for informational purposes only.

The Sanford My Chart Health website does not endorse or verify the accuracy of the content on these websites; Therefore, you should not rely on any information on these sites for diagnosis or treatment.